Project structure

Contaminants in food and feed

CONffIDENCE Project structure

The CONffIDENCE project is organized into nine RTD work packages (WPs), grouped into four clusters. Within each work package method development activities are combined with impact demonstrators addressing policy needs. In addition, cross-cutting discussion groups on harmonization in QA/QC, in-house validation and small-scale interlaboratory comparison studies, and on exchange of sample preparation methods of marine- and cereal-based food and feed, ensure coherence among the various work packages.  The diagram below presents an overview of the project structure.

Cluster 1: Organic pollutants

WP1a: Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

WP1b: Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs)

WP1c: Pesticides

Cluster2: Veterinary pharmaceuticals

WP2a: Coccidiostats

WP2b: Antibiotics

Cluster3: Heavy metals

WP3: Heavy metals

Cluster4: Biotoxins

WP4a: Alkaloids

WP4b: Marine biotoxins

WP4c: Mycotoxins

WP5: Dissemination and exploitation

WP6: Management