WP2b: Antibiotics

Contaminants in food and feed

CONffIDENCE WP2b: Antibiotics


The development, validation and impact demonstration of single-component and multiplex dipsticks to detect malachite green, tetracyclines, tylosin, chloramphenicol, quinolone and sulfonamide antibiotics in a range of matrices including fish, feeds, urine and processed meat and honey.


The focus in WP2b is on the development of low-cost, portable screening methods based on dipstick technology for the detection of antibiotics that can be used by inspection officials. Single dipstick assays will be optimised for specific “problem” residues where a lot of analytical testing is required. In 2005/2006 65% of the 300 RASFF notifications for drugs in foods of animal origin related to antibiotics. The major problem areas included multiple antibiotics in imported honey. Typically 60% of the antibiotics administered to farm animals within Europe are tetracyclines. A rapid assay for monitoring low-level tetracycline residues is required to assess the effect of consumer exposure to chronic sub-MRL concentrations, in terms of the emergence of tetracycline resistant bacteria in the human population. The issue for honey is the presence of multiple antibiotic residues. The use of antibiotics in apiculture is not permitted under EU legislation. In 2003/181/EC an MRPL for chloramphenicol in honey has been established. More recently, residues of fluoroquinolones have been detected in Chinese honey.

Work Package leader

Mrs. S.L. Stead (Central Science Laboratory, CSL, UK)

Sara Stead is a senior researcher responsible for the development of bioassays relating to residues from veterinary drug, mycotoxins and pesticides. She has 10 years experience in veterinary drug residue analysis and scientific training.

Work Package deputy leader

Dr. Benoit Granier (Unisensor SA, UNISENSOR, BE)

Benoit Granier is the founder and R&D manager of Unisensor. He has 17 years of experience in food and feed analysis.

For further information about the work package 2b, please contact leaderWP2b@conffidence.eu