1st Open Day

Contaminants in food and feed

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CONffIDENCE: Safer food through rapid and cost-efficient tests for chemical contaminants in the food chain

Open Day

27 January 2010

On January 27, 2010 the CONffIDENCE project held its first open day in Noordwijkerhout, directly following the Rapid Methods Europe 2010 Conference (25-27 January 2010 in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands ).



The afternoon started with a number of 5 oral presentations giving an overview of the project activities and achievements thus far (see here below). After a coffee break the program continued in the adjacent room, where 19 posters from CON ff IDENCE activities were on display (see here below) as well as a number of posters from related EU projects BioCop , Feed for Health , Feed Safety platform , MoniQA , MycoRed , PerFood , PHIME , ProSafeBeef , SaFeed-PAP and SEAFOODplus .



In addition, several methods were performed using portable equipment, enabling visitors to get an impression of the steps involved in performing the analytical procedures. Sample cleanup (using fish samples), lateral flow devices (easy to use “dip sticks”) and flow cytometry (using a Luminex X100 machine) were exhibited. There was much interest in the methods on display, from scientific as well as industrial stakeholders. Two other methods (requiring large, difficult to transport equipment) were explained using animated slide shows: NIR camera for ergot detection and Surface Plasmon Resonance for marine biotoxins.



Programme CONffIDENCE Open Day

13.00 – 13.30 Registration and coffee

13.30 – 14.40 Presentations

13.30-13.40 Welcome and general introduction

Jacob de Jong (RIKILT)

13.40-13.55 Rapid methods for Organic pollutants

Jana Hajslova (VSCHT)

13.55-14.10 Rapid methods for Veterinary pharmaceuticals

Sara Stead (Fera)

14.10-14.25 Rapid methods for Heavy metal speciation

Jens Sloth (DTU Food)

14.25-14.40 Rapid methods for Biotoxins

Chris Elliott (QUB)

14.40 – 16.00 Networking & Technology presentations

Posters and demonstration activities

Diaporama about the CONffIDENCE project

16.00 – 17.00 Drinks & informal discussions

CONffIDENCE posters presented at the open day

nr. WP Title Authors
1 1a Simplified sample preparation procedure for simultaneous determination of PCBs, BFRs and PAHs in fish K. Kalchova, J. Pulkrabova, L. Drabova, T. Cajka, J. Hajslova
2 1a Towards a multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay for Persistent Organic Pollutants in food A Meimaridou , D Mintzas, M Franek, W. Sheiver, W Haasnoot , M. Nielen
3 1a Color encoded microbeads-based flow cytometric immunoassay for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in food A, Meimaridou , W. Haasnoot, L. Noteboom, D. Mintzas, J. Pulkrabova, J. Hajslova, M. Nielen
4 1b Toxicity assessment of PFCs by the bioluminescence inhibition of Vibrio Fischeri Marta Llorca , Marinella Farré, Damia Barcelo
5 1b Evaluation in-house of an analytical method for perfluorinated compounds determination in fish Marta Llorca , Marinella Farré, Damia Barcelo
6 1b Sample extraction procedure for PFCs in milk, fish tissues and fish feed P. Hradkova, J. Poustka, V. Hlouskova, J. Pulkrabova, J. Hajslova
7 1c Development of a Simplified Sample Preparation Method for the Determination of Paraquat and Diquat in Food Commodities Diana Kolberg, Dorothea Mack, Michelangelo Anastassiades (presented by Hans Mol)
9 2a Multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of coccidiostats M. Bienenmann-Ploum , M. van Aalderen, A.-C. Huet, K. Campbell, T. Fodey, W. Haasnoot, P. Delahaut, C. Elliott and M. Nielen
10 2a Multiplex flow cytometric immunoassay of coccidiostats in eggs and their cross-contamination in non-targeted feed A-C Huet, M. Bienenmann-Ploum, K. Campbell, M. Sharman, U. Vinvent, C. Elliott and Ph Delahaut
11 2b Improvement to the existing Tetrasensor and extension of scope to feed, urine and thermally processed meat matrices Benoit Lemmens, Vincent Chabottaux , Katarzyna Wolodko-Cierniak, Sara Stead, Benoit Granier
12 2b Effect of acidic hydrolysis on sulfamides detection in honey with new generic antibody-based dipstick assay Vincent Chabottaux , Celine Bonhomme, Alejandro Muriano, Sara Stead, Jean-Marc Diserens, M-Pilar Marco, Benoit Granier
13 3 Robust methods for detecting inorganic arsenic with biosensor bacteria using luminiscence measurement and fish imaging Anne Rantala, Daniel Paul, Matti Karp (presented by Jens Sloth)
14 3 Determination of inorganic arsenic by MAE-SPE-HG-AAS – a simple and inexpensive speciation alternative Rikke V. Hedegaard and Jens Sloth
15 4a Antibody production for alkaloids K. Campbell , L. Sbircea, A.C. Huet, R. Schothorst, P. Delahaut, C.T. Elliott
16 4a CONffIDENCE WP4a: alkaloids HP van Egmond , RC Schothorst
17 4a Detection of ergot bodies in cereals by NIRS and hyperspectral NIR imaging Ph. Vermeulen , J.A. Fernandez Pierna, G. Sinnaeve, P. Dardenne & V. Baeten
18 4c Fusarium Toxins: Extraction procedure and test strip detection N. Nivarlet , V. Lattanzio, .V. Lippolis, A.-C. Huet, A. Visconti, P. Delahaut and B. Granier
19 4b In vitro studies of the toxicology of spirolides C. Bueno Wandscheer, N. Vilarino , B. Espina, M. Louzao and L. Botana
20 4b Multiplexing based analysis for marine biotoxins K. Campbell , J. Buijs, A.C. Huet, N. Vilarino, L.M. Botana, C.T. Elliott