Contaminants in food and feed



Nutreco Holding N.V. is an international company in the animal nutrition and fish feed markets, where it seeks to create added value through its knowledge of the food chains. The company has a selected presence in various stages of the food production chains. Nutreco’s Business Groups, each comprising several Business Units, have approximately 75 production and processing plants in 20 countries and about 7,000 employees. MasterLab is one of Europe’s top laboratories in the animal nutrition, human food and pharmaceutical markets. MasterLab offers customers a wide range of analyses of which over a 100 are certified. MasterLab is part of Trouw Nutrition which is a business group of Nutreco. This means MasterLab is part of a large knowledge network. This allows MasterLab to be up front in developing and applying new methods and techniques.



NUTRECO is participant in FP5 project STRATFEED .

The NUTRECO expertise is the development and validation of methods, the running analysis concerning contaminants in a very broad matrix for several years, the know-how in instrumental techniques, the knowledge of business operations in the feed industry and the network towards business operations in the feed industry.



WP1 to WP4 : Delivery of samples recently used in the market: feed samples, raw material samples, Agri and Aqua backgrounds, worldwide, contaminated /not contaminated. Data of contaminants in feed raw materials and compound feed (large database , data of several years and tracking and tracing behind). Producing of test-feed for WPs using a specially equipped research feed mill. Validation and implementation of new developed methods at lab level and at feed mill or farm

WP4a, 4c : HACCP impact demonstrators.

WP5: Dissemination of the results of the project in WP5 through contributions to professional education modules for international BSc students at the Dutch Dronten Agricultural University (running an International Food Safety Course) and inside the feed market via customers of MasterLab and Nutreco.



Contact :

Dr Albert Swinkels

NUTRECO – Masterlab B.V.
Nijverheidsweg, 2
NL 3881 LA Putten
Tel: + 31 341371670
Email :
Web site :

Staff :

Dr. Albert Swinkels:

Operational manager MasterLab, project manager feed, project leader FP5 project STRATFEED.

CONffIDENCE: institute leader for the project, lecturer at Dutch Dronten Agricultural University and linkage to the feed business of Nutreco.

Dr. Th. Vrijenhoek :

Operational manager MasterLab, QA manager MasterLab; expert instrumental analysis.

CONffIDENCE: He is involved in WP4a, WP4c and WP5.

Mrs. Annemiek Schaaf:

Research assistant instrumental techniques.

CONffIDENCE: She is involved in WP4a, WP4c and WP5.

Ms Monique Van De Weijer:

CONffIDENCE: Administrative, financial contact person